Host a Private House Show 

What is a private house show? 

A private house show IS NOT just a party with some music. 

Private house shows are carefully curated music concerts especially for you and your closest friends. 

The Details

I provide the music! That includes the equipment, sound, instruments, and band if you can accomodate it! I also can do acoustic sets, just me, or with a cajon, or keyboard accompaniment. Whatever you like!!

This is your private show, and these are your guests! Invite everyone you know, I love to meet new people and you are helping me reach more fans. 

We'll send you a graphic, you invite people and promote the show to your friends.  

Hosts typically entertain, in a comfortably seated way. We have done shows for a few dozen people to many more. It just depends on what your space can hold and whow many you are comfortable hosting. 

Shows can be 90 minutes to several sets.. Show's typically run two 45 minute sets. 

Sometimes there are multiple musicians. I love to pair up with others! 

Hosts provide the home and the seating. (Folding chairs are fine, but hay bails on a farm or beach chairs in the back yard work too!)

Some hosts are happy to cater some of the event or provide beverages. Most make it a pot luck and ask guests to bring a dish to share. 

BYOB is encouraged, most people have their favorite spirit anyway! 

Most house shows are family friendly, we only request that children can sit through the show or have a separate space to get away if needed. 

Photos and videos are encouraged! Even though this is a private event, musicians appreciate it when you tell your friends about their music! #ainsleycostello #houseshow 


There is no charge to you but hosts typically ask guests to make a donation to the musicians. Any amount is fine, but most typically ask people to donate $10 per head.  

Don't forget 

Guests are coming for the music, live music is the main attraction.  

A house show helps musicians to make money at their craft, engage with fans in an intimate way, and reach new fans.

If you are interested in hosting a show simply fill out the form below or email me directly at

P.S. Ainsley is open to performing for celebrations of any kind. Think Anniversary Party, Summer BBQ, or Sweet 16! 

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